Graphics & Animation


When ALP productions require inventive design, mad ideas and immaculate animation, we team up with our favorite day-dreamers: James and Joy of Suspended tv. Suspended are heavily involved in the conceptualization and research stage of ALP productions, and we work closely with them crafting every step of the .  What we like most about these guys is that no matter what we conjur up, they never say “not possible”. We are not even sure they are human as they can do anything and appear to not require sleep. We count on Suspended to be as excited as we are about creating magic on screen.


Established in 2005 by award-winning filmmakers and designers, Suspended offers creative solutions, backed by research, which are tailored to fit project objectives. Combining their unique talents, they have executed strategies across all platforms from television to film, and interactive media. Guiding projects from inception to completion, Suspended strives to deliver a cohesive, well-defined experience for our clients no matter how simple or sophisticated.