Liron Reiter is a partner at ALP. Quiet but deeply effective, Reiter provides much of the brains and precision behind ALP productions. Born in Israel, reared in Texas and schooled in Los Angeles, Reiter has had been a film fanatic since early childhood.


After graduating from USC film school in 2003, Liron immersed herself on the sets of numerous Hollywood movies, TV shows, and commercials, including “Little Miss Sunshine”, “Terminal”, and “Where the Wild Things Are”. In 2007,  Liron produced and directed her first feature-length award-winning documentary entitled “Who Is Bill Beal” which had crossing America, camera in hand. In 2008, Liron began working for a non-profit where she was developing a documentary series aimed at telling the stories of displaced people in developing countries.


Since moving to NY , Liron has teamed up with ALP where she has been developing scripts, running all ends of production and recently directing spots for Big Brothers Big Sisters. More often than not, you will find Liron in a vintage Michael Jackson T-shirt, clipboard in one hand, a DC in the other, cracking the whip on set. Reiter is determined in her vision and she will stop at nothing to see her vision come to life. As long as “Level 3” is in charge, an ALP production will never go over schedule nor over budget and the visuals will blow you away with their cinematic beauty.


When Reiter is not on set, you will find her sitting in dark cinema rooms or on 5-hour running expeditions across the 5 boroughs or up her beloved LA canyons. She is also a fierce basketball player and will always win bets with unsuspecting males who think they can outshoot her.