ALP is a fully-equipped film and digital content production company that creates iconic film content using advanced cinematic techniques and artistry that leaves your audience wanting more. Our heart and body are happily anchored in Dumbo, Brooklyn. ALP films cross all media outlets, from traditional tv, to mobile content and web series. We insist on strong story-telling and always push for a high standards of creativity and production value. With our powerful documentary-style approach, our films are always personal. They shape perceptions and inspire conversation. At ALP, we work closely with our partners to decipher their exact needs and message. Be they non-profit organizations, tv channels, brands or political campaigns, we know our clients well and strive to get a profound understanding of their message. We consistently produce films that generate enormous buzz, engagement and advocacy.



ALP is a family-style operation. Everything is on site at our Brooklyn studio, including a meeting room and an edit suite. We work with our tight-knit team of directors, D.Ps, music composers, editors and writers. We stay true to our main promise: producing great films with little fuss and big results.




Clients come to us with an idea or with a request for film/video content. We carry out a series of in-depth discussions about the purpose of the film and the intricacies of its message. We strive to always get a solid handle on your brand and the strategy behind it . Whenever possible, we create a full pre-production pack for your film, including script, storyborad, visual frames and budget. This provides a strong sense of how the film will look before starting production phase.



Whether it’s capturing sensitive portrait interviews or filming high action from multiple cameras in moving vehicles, we carefully orchestrate our production in order to achieve the best possible shot for your budget and goals. Needless to say, we use all the latest cinematography equipment and techniques.



The editing phase is, in many ways, when the story is told. The edit is also where your film will really come alive. We strive to keep as much energy and pace as possible in our edits and, whatever the project, we are dedicated to taking the audience on a dynamic journey that they won’t forget.



This is where your brand and identity really gets stamped on the project. At ALP, we work with some really exciting graphic creatives who are always pushing the envelope and striving to produce the freshest visuals. By mixing our expertise in branding with our commercial-quality 2 and 3 D design, we take your brand film into a new visual dimension.



Whether its partnering up with one of our composers to create an original music score or researching and managing existing music tracks, we work hard to find music that perfectly fits each individual project. We aslo create film-quality sound and design at our partner audio studio; this brings all productions to the optimum level. We master and compress our films into all broadcast and digital formats, including web, mobile and tv.