Our second film for CGMF is about sustainability. We were commissioned to make a dynamic film showcasing the principle mission of the foundation: to seek innovative, sustainable solutions for human and environmental problems. In this film, we interview leading voices on sustainability from the worlds of academia, science and business. We also hear from members of the family foundation discussing why searching for sustainable solutions was so vital to their father/grand-father, George P Mitchell who, despite being an oil and gas baron, was also a vibrant advocate for protecting the natural resources of an ever expanding world population. 

Back in the 1970s and 80s, at a time when it was unpopular for businessmen to bring up the possible harm we were doing to the planet, George Mitchell consistently challenged his gas-tycoon peers to think about the environmental consequences of drilling for oil and gas and persistently conceived of ways to protect land. 

This film explores the history of sustainability thinking, it’s evolution and how it now permeates all aspects of our society, while stressing that there is still a lot to be done to safeguard our planet. 

Shot on Black Magic

Director: Amy Lawday

Assistant director and Sound: Emmanuel Germond

Cinematographer: Yevgeniy 

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